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We are passionate about the environment and the reduction of our collective carbon footprint through the production of our own electricity for our own consumption, resulting in the elimination of electricity bills.

At BWS Electrical we only choose to install top tier 1 quality systems mostly because these systems give you the best return on your investment. Choosing a top tier product will help you generate more of your own electricity and potentially even sell some back to the grid too.

Rest assured you will receive the full after-sales care and support you require and need to ensure your investment in solar panels drives the environmental change you are looking for.

Our designated Solar Team are passionate, experienced and capable. You are in safe hands with BWS Electrical.


  • Keep your panels clean - they work more efficiently
  • Don’t stand on the panels - they are fragile
  • A typical Australian home uses 16-20 kWh of electricity per day
  • The panels can either be polycrystalline or monocrystalline and are both as good as each other in Australian climates.
  • The inverter, can be either a string inverter which is around the size of a briefcase,  or a microinverters, which are approximately the size of a paperback book
  • A well-designed solar system installation has a typical payback period of around 4-7 years in Australia.

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