Ze Pickle

Situated on Sunshine Beach Road in Noosa, this establishment is all about good quality craft beer, great unpretentious food and quality beats

Noosa is the latest in a string of franchises that span the East Coast of Australia, Ze Pickle is fast becoming known for serving up some of the best burgers in the country. 

The Noosa Ze Pickle fit-out was a brand new rough-in. The store had to be fully demolished and stripped down to an empty shell because the concept was so unique, nothing was standard, everything was complex. 

We didn’t have an electrical plan at all, so working with Aaron and the concepts stored only in his imagination, we worked on developing a fully functional and feasible electrical plan. 

Part of the charm of the Ze Pickle brand is that each store has it’s own look and layout whilst being true to the branding. 

Each store has handmade light fittings which are all suspended at different heights and every one of them is controlled with a dimmer switch. 

Aaron (one of the 3 Owners) stated: “One of the things that impressed me about Brett and the BWS Electrical team was that they took the time to work with us to truly understand what we wanted, they were patient and did not become overwhelmed by the complex scope of works we gave them.” 

Communication is important to us at BWS, it is what sets us apart from other electrical contractors out there. Aaron agreed - stating that “We found that the communication was unreal from all of the guys on site. Every morning we would receive a call so we knew who would be on-site and what they would be working on that day. Because of the nature of the project, we did have to do a lot of work on the fly, but the BWS team handled it easily and professionally.”

The Ze Pickle store in Noosa had some pretty challenging elements to it, for example, the back bar design had a steel beam that weighed approximately a tonne on the back wall, which needed to have 12 lights pre-wired in and then craned into placed and fixed off. Aaron was pleased with the outcome from this trickier part of the project saying that “The BWS team didn’t struggle with this at all and everything worked an absolute treat.”

“Overall we are stoked with the end result, we had no major problems with the install, you know you always have the day to day challenges and they were all met head-on and dealt with efficiently.

We are so pleased with the fit-out that we have awarded the next fit-out in Bulimba (Brisbane) to BWS Electrical as well and we look forward to working with them again in Feb 2020.  

I’d be more than happy to refer BWS to anyone who needs a sparky that thinks outside of the box and can handle quirky jobs. “


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